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Questions to be respectfully asked of your bishop and parish priest from

In response to rogue European bishops who had allowed communion-in-the-hand without permission, Pope Paul VI polled bishops worldwide. He wanted to discern whether other bishops wished to open the door to communion-in-the-hand. Most did not. Thus, when Pope Paul VI released Memoriale Domini in 1969 he stated firmly that the traditional way of receiving communion on the tongue was preferable. He also wrote the following: "The Apostolic See therefore emphatically urges bishops, priests and laity to obey carefully the law which is still valid and which has again been confirmed. It urges them to take account of the judgment given by the majority of Catholic bishops, of the rite now in use in the liturgy, of the common good of the Church."

That rite, of course, was receiving Holy Communion on the tongue, which is still valid law today. Therefore, a number of questions come to mind, questions to be respectfully asked of your bishop or priest, or presented at prayer meetings and discussion groups.

  1. Why are the words and intent of Pope Paul VI as expressed in Memoriale Domini not taught in parishes worldwide? Why is Memoriale Domini continuously misrepresented at most parishes?
  2. Pope Benedict XVI has stated repeatedly that he wants Catholics to receive Holy Communion on the tongue while kneeling. Why are his words not read from the pulpit, and why are his wishes completely ignored?
  3. Transubstantiation is the incredible gift from Jesus Christ, introduced at the Last Supper, that turns bread and wine into the body and blood of Our Savior. Why is transubstantiation no longer taught from the pulpit?
  4. In most Catholic churches, children receiving First Holy Communion are taught to receive God Himself in their hands. This is clearly at odds with Memoriale Domini, the teaching of the Church, and the wishes of our current Pope. Why is this practice being allowed and even encouraged by our bishops, priests and deacons? Why do parents not speak up?
  5. A significant percentage of Catholics no longer believe in the Real Presence. Before Vatican II this was not the case. What caused the shift and what is the Church doing to address and correct it?

In his book Communion in the Hand: Documents & History (English edition, 2011) Most. Rev. Juan Rodolfo Laise wrote that "the history of the reintroduction of communion in the hand is nothing more than the triumph of an act of disobedience." Isn't it time to admit that we turned down the wrong road and correct our errors? How many more souls will never have the opportunity to know, love and adore the Real Presence before we turn around?