It is the grave responsibility of the Church to direct and regulate the celebration of the Eucharist and to protect this most precious gift from abuse and faulty teaching.
Receiving Holy Communion

"Their hands, simply put, are not ordained."

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Memoriale Domini Instruction on the Manner of Distributing Holy Communion Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship Issued on May 29, 1969.

When the Church celebrates the memorial of the Lord it affirms by the very rite itself its faith in Christ and its adoration of him, Christ present in the sacrifice and given as food to those who share the eucharistic table. [ read more >> ]

IMMENSAE CARITATIS On Facilitating Reception Of Communion In Certain Circumstances Sacred Congregation of the Sacraments Given on January 29, 1973

The proof of his boundless charity that Christ the Lord left to his Bride the Church, namely, the inexpressible and supreme gift of the Eucharist, requires us to deepen our appreciation of this great mystery and to share ever more fully in its saving power. Accordingly, the Church, in its pastoral zeal and care, has repeatedly made practical laws and timely statements of doctrine aimed at furthering devotion toward the Eucharist, the summit and... [ read more >> ]

On the Mystery and Worship of the Eucharist His Holiness Pope John Paul II Promulgated on February 24, 1980

To All the Bishops of the Church - My venerable and dear brothers,

AGAIN THIS YEAR, for Holy Thursday, I am writing a letter to all of you. This letter has an immediate connection with the one which you received last year on the same occasion, together with the letter to the priests. I wish in the first place to thank you cordially for having accepted my previous letters with that spirit of unity which the Lord established between us, and also for having transmitted to your priests the thoughts that I desired to express at... [ read more >> ]

MEDIATOR DEI Encyclical of Pope Pius XII on the Sacred Liturgy - Issued on November 20, 1947

To the Venerable Brethren, the Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, Bishiops, and other Ordinaries in Peace and Communion with the Apostolic See

Mediator between God and men[1] and High Priest who has gone before us into heaven, Jesus the Son of God[2] quite clearly had one aim in view when He undertook the mission of mercy which was to endow mankind with the rich blessings of supernatural grace. Sin had disturbed the right relationship between man and his Creator; the Son of God would... [ read more >> ]